Hexa presents our wide range of mosaic tiles collection. Hundreds of products from the best manufacturers in Spain and China. All of our products we believe represent the best balance of quality and value within their respective categories.

Mosaic tiles are great-looking tiles that can be used in a variety of locations within your home, they can be used on their own in the bathroom or cut into strips and incorporated into other tiles for a splash of color and a touch of luxury, mosaic tiles can also be used in the kitchen as splash backs around sinks or on walls at the back of kitchen worktops, the small square tiles have so many uses along with a hard-wearing and long-lasting tiled surface that not only looks great in any home but has great practical uses.

Hexa has a range of mosaic tiles whether you want a simple border of mosaic in a bathroom, a touch of luxury in an en-suite bathroom, hard-wearing and luxurious kitchen worktop splashbacks, or swimming pool mosaic tiles that can be used in pools and spas you can be sure we will have everything you need to create that amazing look.

So whether you are planning a kitchen makeover, a bathroom conversion, or a full swimming pool project Hexa can provide you with

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