Found in 2002, GUANGDONG BODE FINE BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD is the national high-tech enterprise for designing, researching and manufacturing the new and eco-friendly tiles. BODE invented the micro crystalline ceramics compound board (JADE-CERA) first ever in China, well known as the innovative leader in tile industry from the beginning.

BODE operating two modern manufacturing bases which located in Foshan and Yangxi city, Guangdong province, with an annual capacity over 50 million square meters. State-of -the-art technology and all round quality control system are adopted in the production helps BODE providing the variety and unbeatable products of Jade-Cera, Marble Porcelain, Polished Porcelain, Glazed Porcelain, Artificial Stone and Ceramic wall & floor tiles to consumers from all over the world.

From nature to nature, BODE insisting the concept of innovative and technology evolution, marching with style of designs, writing a story of continued research and discovery of outstanding tiles and striving to be a point a reference to every company in tile industry in the near future. 

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